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Still waiting on your tax return check? Get up to $1,000 by tomorrow!

Your tax refund isn’t here yet, but you need money NOW. Lucky for you, MoneyMutual is here for just that reason. Your refund check could take months to process, but a MoneyMutual lender can have up to $1,000 deposited directly into your account in under 24 hours. Think of it as a tax return advance!
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What could you do with a tax return advance?

  • Pay bills
  • Avoid overdraft fees
  • Keep utilities on

Most of us are dependent on our refund anticipation loan check, unfortunately, no one can depend on when it will arrive. But what you can rely on is MoneyMutual for fast cash when you need it most.

With more and more consumers finding themselves in difficult financial circumstances due to lost income, reduced wages, increased gas prices, and many other factors, many households are finding themselves in a cash shortfall. Consumers in need of cash have, in the past, accessed the funds in their anticipated tax refund through the use of a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL). These loans, which served millions of consumers each year, allowed the consumer to borrow the money with interest during the time they await the arrival of the actual tax refund check.

With 2010 policy changes instituted by the IRS, the lenders who previously backed these loans became more reluctant to fund them, with some even attempting to break their agreements with tax preparation services.

5 comments on “Tax Refund Loan
  1. Having a tax company that let’s u borrow money towards your tax refund is a great idea. I think it’s good for the client and also the company, that helps out the client and tax provider and the buss ness that’s a garantee loan

  2. Thank you, this helps when your family has emergency situations. And we dont have to wait for the worst to happen. Again thank you

  3. I need to get a cash advance before taxes come in to pay some bills. I just need like 350$ and I am getting 2000$. I am already approved and waiting for them to be deposited until 26th.

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