Is the Bad Job Market Leaving You Struggling?

No doubt, the worst economy in recent US history has placed its grip on your household. Few Americans have been immune to the massive layoffs, reduced benefits, unpaid vacations, and more. And while experts say the economy shows some signs of strengthening, the real road to recovery doesn’t begin until the unemployment rate goes down. Some predict that could be several more years—so how are you to make ends meet in the meantime?

Businesspeople Holding Cheque

Well if you’re lucky, you managed to maintain some sort of employment during these tough times, but likely the pay isn’t what it needs to be. That’s when sites like MoneyMutual are handy, which is endorsed by Montel Williams. Perhaps you have found yourself in a bind until your next paycheck, and are in desperate need of some quick cash. In just five minutes, you can apply for a short term loan of up to $1,000 at Almost instantly you will be put in touch with its network of 60 trustworthy lenders, and you could have the money in your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

Has the recession also hurt your credit? No worries! MoneyMutual’s network of lenders are willing to approve you for a short term loan if you have bad credit, a history of bouncing checks, or even if you have filed for bankruptcy. There’s no reason you should be punished for the economic crisis. Quite often it’s those most in need of a short term loan that have the most trouble qualifying for one. Don’t spiral into more debit and damaged credit—a fast cash loan can cover that check that’s about to bounce, or keep your electric on and avoid multiple fees.

Let’s face it; it could be years before the economy fully recovers, and who has time to wait? You need money NOW, and a Money Mutual participating lender could have up to $1,000 in your account by tomorrow.

Don’t turn to credit cards to cover your expenses!

So your electric bill is due, or your car needs to be fixed ASAP so you can get to work. Sure it would be great if you had some extra money saved up for such emergencies, but that’s just not the reality in an economy like this. This is when most people are quick to put unexpected expenses on the credit card. But before you go racking up more debt with insane interest fees, consider MoneyMutual as viable resource.

Most new credit cards these days can have interest rates as high as 50 percent. What’s more, they put you on a minimum payment plan that could take years to pay off, and by then you would have paid ten times more than the original charge. And this doesn’t even factor in yearly finance fees, overdraft fees, late payment fees, and more. But until now, you probably felt like credit cards were your only option for financial emergencies. Lucky for you, there’s a new way to get quick cash—enter payday loan sites such as MoneyMutual and its network of over 60 reliable lenders.

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